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Mona Glamping Caravan Suites is located in Seferihisar Sigacik the charming seaside town of Izmir city. Seferihisar is the first Cittaslow town in Turkey. This small town famous with tangerine trees, large resources of solar, geothermal and wind power, lush green landscapes, rich historical background. The Roman ancient harbour city "Teos" is 5 km from your glamping site Mona. And  there is a historical harbour castle in the town centre of Sigacik which is 4 km away from your glamping site 


The campsite is centrally located and is only 2.5 km far away from sandy beaches such as Akkum Beach and Akarca beach which is one of the Blue Flag awarded beaches 1.5 km away from  to the center of the sigacik town 

Here, there are many enjoying activities  you can find during your stay, such as; exploring the Ancient City of Teos and Sigacik, sailing the Aegean Sea, windsurfing, biking, trekking, and shopping at famous organic market.

Enjoy the Aegean wind and breathtaking night sky or explore the town.

We have 6 caravans  and 1 tiny house  

Each units represent different styles and souls. 

Retro, Classy, Ruby, Country, Rustic, Hygge caravans ,Tropical Tiny House. They are open all year round. 

For more information about prices.

We decorate the accomodation units for your speacial days. Learn More

mona glamping seferihisar
renkli karavanların olduğu bir bahçe
karavan, çadır, kitap, peynir, güneş ikonları
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