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food & drınks

Turkish style breakfast is included in the accommodation prices. For lunch and dinner, you can order from Cafe Mona to your patio without contact. Click to see the menu . If you want to prepare your own food, you can use our open kitchen, which is in common use. All the basic materials you may need are available. You can barbecue using ready-made materials in our barbecue area. You can also bring your own barbecue.

yeşil masa üstünde serpme türk kahvaltısı
mona glamping kamp ateşi alanı
akşam saatlerinde yanan bir mangal
mangalda pişen ızgara tavuk kanat
Kamp ateşinin önünde sepet içinde marşmelovlar
kamp ateşinde pişen çubukta marşmelov
kamp ateşi yanında ahşap kasa içinde şarap şişesi
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