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It has been decorated in a tropical style to bring the atmosphere of dense and lush forests, sunny and cheerful beaches to your small home every season. Peaceful natural tones and bohemian details were used in a balanced way.

There is a completely isolated terrace where you can be in touch with nature, full of cypress, tangerine and olive trees.

wooden balcony and small house under trees


Model: 2020

Length: 6m

Width: 3m

Height: 2.50 m

Wooden balcony platform: 15 m2

Glass balcony (winter garden)

Indoor and Outdoor lighting

Window-door mosquito nets

Toilet and bathroom


Hand and bath towels

Shampoo and liquid soap

Thermosiphon (bathroom)

Mitsubishi air conditioner

Midi refrigerator

Turkish coffee machine

The Tea Maker

Turkish coffee cup

Quilts, pique, shawls

Garden swing

Table chair

No hair dryer

Vintage wardrobe

wooden wardrobe a bed with a green bedspread

a bedroom with full-length glass opening to the garden

green leaf curtains, green bedspread, garden view

basket chandelier, green leaf curtains, green bedspread

bedside basket bedside table, straw hat ornament on the bed, green bedspread

bronze shower head, bamboo shower shelf

tropical patterned bathroom wallpaper, wood countertop

spread turkish breakfast

container gray tiny house and hammock

gray tiny house

gray small nature house

tropical pattern bathroom wallpaper

balcony swing

tropical wallpaper and bamboo towel holder

bronze bathroom fixture

green leaf pattern wallpaper, wooden bathroom shelf

bamboo towel holder, tropical pattern wallpaper

tropical pattern wallpaper, wooden countertop, marble sink

wooden covered notebook and coffee corner

black umbrella, green bedspread, lampshade

bronze reading lamp and notebook with wooden cover

black umbrella, lampshade, green pillows

wool shawl in a basket

straw hat

wooden vintage cabinet, straw hat and bed

wooden vintage cabinet and wicker bedside table

basket chandelier, bed and wooden cabinet

green curtains, green covered bed and green carpet

bed and basket chandelier

basket chandelier, bed, wooden cabinet

glass balcony and bedroom decorated with led lights

glass balcony, wooden deck terrace

glass balcony and garden swing

wooden clothes hanger

campfire colored caravans


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