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Olıve oıl tastıng workshop

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Do you know why the Seferihisar Gödence region is a very special place?

Because the "olive fly", the most important olive pest in olive agriculture, cannot live here depending on the eco-system. Therefore, pesticides are not used in this region. 

We brought our clean and healthy products to Mona from the fields of at least 300 years old olive trees, which were not sprayed or even fertilized, and were completely organic.

It is just above the Sığacık road, at the entrance of Mona, with the name "Organic Mini Market".

You can find the unique tastes and beauties of nature with organic olive oils, honey, jam, black mulberry and handmade products.

We are holding an "olive oil tasting workshop" with our guide Münire Şahin, who blends olive tasting training with the olive culture from her ancestors and presents it to us. Participation in these workshops, where we learn about different olive oils and how we can understand real quality olive oil, is free of charge.

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