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Dear Guests;

We have taken some measures and made changes that we will implement during the epidemic, and we have taken into account the information of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

  • Our caravans will be aired after the guest has left.

  • It will be delivered after being disinfected in detail.

  • There will be a cleaning kit in caravans that you can use if you want.

  • The distance between caravans is positioned to be at least 10 meters. We have only 5 caravans in total.

  • Our camp is located on 10 decares of land and is a spacious area in nature.

  • We removed all the accessories used in the caravan that cannot be washed at every entrance or exit or cannot be washed at 90 degrees.

  • Our textile products such as sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and towels are washed at 90 degrees and ironed with an industrial steam iron.

  • Toilets and bathrooms are specific for each accommodation unit. It is not common use.

We wish healthy and peaceful days for all of us ...

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